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Just returned from the Festival of Lights with A and A. We had a good time, albeit chilly. Have some funny stuff to talk about, but will write it tommorow.
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A Visit to a Research Lab So yesterday, I was able to visit the lab where my wife works. They are trying to help the heart even though it does not want to help itself. Below are a few random notes that I made while watching these researchers work:
The researchers were in a jovial mood and treated me very well.
Almost everyone wears heels, except for some of the males.
There is a protocol for everything, including saying hello. If you ask a difficult question, such as "How are you", they must first look at the protocol.
Students are often times funny, sometimes sad, but always entertaining.
I ate lunch with my wife and her compatriots and the food was terrible.
I think I may go into this line of work.......seriously.
A morning of speculation I am trying to figure out this Blogger stuff because MT will not install at my new server, so I am going to stick to "Old Reliable", although I still can't seem to create links to multiple blogs so that people can read my interesting stories.


When you run out of ideas for that special lady in your life.........
Static Electricity
Under the things that I label "duh", CNN, or the Communist News Network, is reporting that static electricity can cause a fire when you are at a gas pump. Not to toot my own horn but I have been saying this for years. If you are pumping gas and you re-enter the automobile, come back out and touch something metal, readily available, to discharge the static electrical build-up. As a fire service veteran and writer on issues, it is gratifying to see some coverage but it always occurs AFTER a death or serious injury has happened. It is the same with Propane. People do not know the dangers associated with Propane.
Going into work with my wife to see how researchers work and play. It is always interesting.


Visited with our friend who has a nasty cough. She feels bad but has class tommorow as she is working towards her PhD. Felt bad for her. Also washed my hands when I got home. I mean....you can't be too careful, right? :)
We are going to visit our friend......
How many of us are impulsive? It fits my personality type and the lack of spontaneity drives me clinically insane. I love to wake up in the morning and decide that today I am going to drive to New Jersey. Or build a website. It is a thrill to say the least. Of course it has drawbacks, many of which I need not explain.
It is irrational to some, who believe one must plan to use the restroom. I don't blame them...they are feeling what they feel. Yet it is a deep ache not to fulfill some of those impulses that arise. The human condition........................
Who knows?
We are going over to visit friend who is suffering from a chest cold tonight. We will bring her dinner so she doesn't have to cook anything. At least, I think we are going.
Decision Made

Moving to my own server with MT.
I have been looking at servers and what a pain in the arse. You need a certain one to support the MT, so maybe I will just stay here with Blogger. If only they would answer two or three questions that I have submitted.
Should I move to my own server and use MT? I cannot get any help creating new pages here? Comments : Email Me Here
If you want to read an excellent blog from a good friend, point your browser down the I-highwayto Ambivalence. Good content, true emotion, and great design. If only my blog was designed as well.
Ask and ye shall receive....or something like that!
I expressed an interest in reading a book about biology to a brilliant Ph.D. formerly at Harvard and now working in the same lab as my wife.......and POOF! she sent me two wonderful books. It is great to have friends!!!!! She is so very kind....and wickedly funny!


My wife and our first cat........I can't stop looking at them both!
Does the sun always rise or was Hemingway drunk? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
A Response to Pholiage A fellow blogger and writer asked me why I prefer women to men as friends. I explained that I was not gay, nor have I designs on any woman other than my wife. Here is my theory and you may dissect it as you please.
I grew up around a lot of violence and as such, was a violent teen-ager. Proving my manhood meant using my fists so I became adept at it. When you grow up like that there are two routes available.......
1. You continue to feel you must prove yourself over and over and you usually seek out friends who are roughly the same as you.
2. You learn that you are confidant in your manhood, that it is all Testosterone, and that being friends with anyone, male, female, straight, or gay, doesn't make you any less of a man.
I choose number two. Not that I don't bow up my chest to show all around me I am macho...I still do. However, it is less than often. The thing about violence and confrontation is that if you go so long seeking it out, you can grow tired and realize that it is not worth it. You also realize that when the need arises, you are quite comfortable in it. Me now----I would rather laugh! Just my thoughts.
Christmas Wish List
Okay.....this is really putting it out there but I am going to publish my Christmas wish list. Feel free to ignore this tacky endeavor or purchase an item and forward it to me. It is up to you. :)
1. A bottle(or tow) of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch
2. A Palm Pilot
3. A hat
4. One copy of the PDR
5. A cheese cake
6. Two shotglasses with the name of a bar on them.
7. Two tickets to paradise...pack your bags..Eddie Money plug 8. A gift certificate to Barnes and Noble
9. Three bottles of Vodka, Stoli preferred.
10. A black and white photograph of a cityscape.

I am very easy to please.
I recall the story told to me as a wee one about the man who was surrounded by people, but did not sense it, thus, leading him to feel alone. Often this is an affliction of those people who are blessed with some sort of artistic ability, be it painting, musical ability, writing, or talking artistically. If you walk to the edge of a precipice and look down sensing no fear, chances are you have ventured there before. You then become immune, in some ways, to the threat of death or whatever it is you fear the most. My precipice is often in my thoughts and in my creations which float as images in my brain. When I tell people I can visualize fractals and other complex data it is lost on them because my formal training in science is nil. What many fail to realize is that one not necessarily has to experience formal training to be able to understand. In fact it is sometimes an advantage.
Cool Blog Ramble over to My Opinion Counts and look at the photography from Ireland. It is wonderful. I must get up enough nerve to ask my wife if we may purchase one print. Wish me well.
How can I create new blogs that link to this one on blogspot plus. I have followed the directions and it led to nothing for me. Any help is appreciated. Also, any comments on the colors of the site are appreciated.
Last night, as my wife typed away on some paper, my eyes were fixated on a show about high risk births. I now know for certain that if I were ever in a delivery room there is no earthly way I could say that the little girl or guy is cute. They look as if they have been inside for nine months. Women are very strong and if I were in pain, and someone kept yelling to push, my first inclination would be to demolish the persons face with a right crossover. The medicine of premature babies is simply amazing and after reading a book last year on a NICU in Long Beach, and seeing the show last night, my hat is off to women and those souls who maintain life when a child decides to enter stage left a little early.


Longing for a City that doesn't Sleep
The problem with living in this city is that there is nothing to explore, no subway to stumble home on, and very little in the way of flavor or variety. For example, there is one Irish Pub that would not make a dime in Boston, Chicago, or New York. Everywhere I go, I am bound to meet at least one person that I know, which is fine for some, but not for me. We have one good pizza place, though with two locations, and one museum of any note. Oh how I long for travel, where the cities are burning bright lights, the people sure of themselves, and no one with tobacco juice dripping down their chin. LOL...that was good.
I'm in a New York state of mind.
I want Pizza It is so boring on Tuesday nights. Sitting around when we could be at a pub or out with a friend or friends for Pizza. Tuesday, in the world of weekdays, is neglected.
Feeling as if.........
What a night and morning. It is safe to assume that I am feeling anything but my jovial self. I believe I have "Family and Friendship Myopia". My older brother, age 55, is somewhat ill, but not at all helpless. Yet he expects, or better yet demands, that his personal issues be dealt with by me or my wife. As is the case with someone like me who is irascible, these demands can be met with swift rebuke. Moreover, my tolerance for such things, family or not, is low. My wife and I provide support for anyone, be it friend or foe, but too much is too much.

Then there are my feelings, or my issues, that I deal with daily, one of which is causing me a great deal of pain and discomfort. This is in the emotional realm, not physical. Top that off with a friend who is on my mind and here I am, sitting on the dark side of the moon, drinking diet coke, and dreaming of fractals.
Before I retire for the Night I wanted to thank everyone who has sent emails of support for my weblog. I appreciate it. Pretend I am raising a glass of Scotch to toast you!


How about these red-necks riding around in jacked up four wheel drives, mud hanging off every orifice of the vehicle, confederate flag waving in the breeze, and driving with their "Honey" sitting right beside them, though the cab is 12 feet wide. It is not a stereotype when it is real. There is nothing wrong with owning a truck but show some sanity.
Now on to cars with "Phat Rims", the $2500 set of shiny rims sitting on a 1974 Mercury that topped 200,000 miles in the early eighties. The driver is laid back like he is at a Gynecologist, listening to a radio he just stole from a Toyota, and oblivious to the world around him. Let's start testing new pharmaceuticals on the rednecks and the "Pimped Down Defects" sporting enough gold jewelry to make Liz Taylor envious.
Iraq Solution - one MIRV
Jennifer Lopez is sickening. If it were not for her prominent ass, she would be asking if you wanted to supersize your combo. Multi-talented??? No! She is not. Multi-talented is working for Minimum wage and raising a child that turns out to be a healthy well adjusted adult.
Okay..........calming down, heart rate returning to normal.
Plug one, Plug Two If you enjoy reading blogs, venture over to Jens Place where good writing meets good design with an outcome that is splendid.
Thoughts Generated while in bed wide awake at 0500
My bladder is full.
World travel has been both a smashing success and a startling failure. North America is now seeing emerging viruses like never before. A person boards a plane in Kenya and some 8 hours later arrives at JFK, only to lose his luggage, but he harbors within him a virus that is spread to several people, then several more. What you then have is a population that has never before seen a virus like this new one and suddenly "Outbreak". The CDC is then on the prowl.
Prions are very cool.
While visiting Chicago I had an opportunity to interact with some of Frances finest. I say interact because they smelled. Why would a country that turns out great pastry not use deodorant on a more consistent basis. And when will Germany smash through the French lines and take Paris again? Twice in the 20th century....its about time.
This town needs an enema.
When we complain about all we have to do, and it is a lot, at least we don't have to perform military service, even though I did (Applause please). The picture below is of Israeli women who must serve in the IDF:
Do you ever find yourself staring at a painting?
As so often happens in life, I am arguing with an editor about my check, which I cannot cash because I have yet to receive it. In the course of all this, she offers me a position as a Assistant Editor. Somewhat dumbfounded, I said send me my money. Sooooooooo.....its located in Chicago but the money is not right. I mean, I cannot even get my check for the fucking article that was written.
Escherichia coli O157
Take a moment and read Ecoli 0157 Undercooked burger anyone?


5 more reasons to avoid South Carolina
1. "Howdy" is an appropriate term.
2. Video poker is evil....but you can play bingo at church and its okay.
3. "Bubba" is every third child's real name.
4. There is a town called 6 mile
5. "Bubba" is every third child's real name

Response to Email I received an email regarding a post from a few days ago. Here is my initial post from a few days ago: My friend Mo once challenged me to take an IQ test because I was such a smart-ass. Apparently it was lost on him that smart and smart-ass do not overlap. However, later I took the test at a psychologists office who specializes in administering tests of all sorts.. On the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales I was able to post a 141 which was a bit shocking to me and the examiner, what with my tattoo's and all. The reason I bring this up is that I just read where a Nobel Prize winner in Biology had an IQ of 126 so I am thinking that I must be able to submit something for a Nobel Prize. What the hell am I doing wrong? Received from MITwho
...is tough having an IQ that is exceedingly high. When I looked at your blog and saw you were one of us it was very gratifying...... My response to email
Dear MITWho
I am not one of anyone. True, my score was high but when I think gratifying...... I think of good friends, Pizza, and Scotch. Please don't ever assume I belong to any clique or group...I do not. I defy labels. All the best. Jay

My physician - Dr. Malesalldie This month I must once again visit my primary care physician for the lecture on how I am going to die anyday because I consume food items other than bean sprouts. Dr. LLK is a very nice woman, in a Gestapo kind of way. She offers words of advice that sound like orders and has the personality of a small goat. NOT that I am looking for personality in a Doctor. I don't want to be friends with my physician. I want the straight truth set down in a language that is easily understood. Below is an example of the perfect conversation between a personal physician and myself:
Dr. Perfect: (grunts as she walks in) I just took a look at your labs and they are disgusting. How do you like our new lab technician Helga? She looks good with that one eye......and her mustache is barely visible, huh? Me : She is lovely
Dr. Perfect: I ran a lipid panel, a CBC, Chem 7, ABC,CNN, CBS,NBC, and a pregnancy test because I want your insurer to drop you like a bad date at the prom. Me: I see.
Dr. Perfect: Providing you don't have a Myocardial Infarction( Heart Attack is the wrong term) while we are talking, let me point out that your fat ass better drop some weight before they are using two urns to pour your ashes in. Me: I see
Dr. Perfect: This is the very last time I am going to warn you about the danger of hypertension. You must be a moron because I have explained it 26 times during our 8 visits. Control the stress, get more excercise, and forget about sex because when you lay down on the exam table here, I need a a pulley system to get you back upright and 6 liters of O2 to get you back to breathing. I am going to write you a prescription for an AED....carry it with you. Me: I see.
Dr. Perfect: Now, even though you are not 40, nor is there a history of prostate problems in your family, bend over so I can do a rectal. Me: I love you.

Now that is worth $15.00


Five Reasons to Avoid Charleston

1. The roads were designed by Engineers who did not have any concept of paved roadways.
2. The entire city could fit into Wrigley Field.
3. They actually raised a confederate submarine and rejoiced instead of letting this submarine lay in its spot, a mariner tradition.
4. The malls here are the size of Pizza Huts.
5. They design bridges for last decades traffic flow, thereby ensuring that by the time it is complete, it is obsolete.
Quick Takes on Several Random Subjects

When you know a friend has a bit of anger toward you, and you try to find out why, what is the best approach? In my mind it is a direct question. But not neccessarily the best idea.

Is Glenfiddich the finest Single Malt Scotch out there? Anyone with any other suggestions, let me know by emailing me.

I have a fear of having children. Would we ever be able to offer them the time they deserve? It is better to be a married couple, love your work, and adopt a 17 year old who can then vacate the house posthaste at age 18. At least then, you would be able to say you raised a kid until age 18.

Our emergency preparedness is woefully lacking, even now, some 14 months after 9-11-01

My Ladies
Five ways to know you are in New Jersey

1. You are going 96 mph and get passed by a State Trooper hopped up on speed.
2. The rest area's are named after prolific writers - "Is the Jackie Collins rest stop coming up dear?"
3. Your destination is simply marked as Exit 7- A.......that means you get off the turnpike at 7-A which is Shore points.
4. You see Bruce Springsteen at a Diner.
5. On a menu, you can have Pork roll and eggs


My friend Mo once challenged me to take an IQ test because I was such a smart-ass. Apparently it was lost on him that smart and smart-ass do not overlap. However, later I took the test at a psychologists office who specializes in administering tests of all sorts..

On the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales I was able to post a 141 which was a bit shocking to me and the examiner, what with my tattoo's and all. The reason I bring this up is that I just read where a Nobel Prize winner in Biology had an IQ of 126 so I am thinking that I must be able to submit something for a Nobel Prize. What the hell am I doing wrong?
5 Reasons to Avoid Living in South Carolina 1. The DNA for approximately 65% of the population is the same. This occurs from inbreeding where genetic mutations, known here as "School Board members", are formed from brother - sister relationships. OJ Simpson would have had no problems had he lived in SC.
2.The taxpayers spent millions in the debate over the confederate flag. Just a reminder......people are going hungry in rural area's. It would serve mankind better if we used that money in that direction. Or, conversely, we could have used that money to build brothels.
3.Public Education in much of the state is on the level of public education in Mexico City, except English scores are better in Mexico City. The states motto: "Thank God for Mississippi" We are not last! Here is a reprint of my first article after a comprehensive education in SC - " I are so haapey that eye am able two right this sentance wif' out the help of my teecher hoo is now warking at thee drive thru at boiger king." As you can tell, it was a sad start.
4.The current, but soon to be former Governor, labeled the University of South Carolina as the Flagship University for the state. In any other state, this school would be a two year school for those convicted of malfeasance. It is simply the worst public university carrying a state name in the....well, there is South Carolina State University in Orangeburg whose motto is What? They accept students who failed at registering for the SAT. At least be able to register!
5.South Carolina has the second highest per capita number of mobile home dwellers. Enough said.
Shopping the Day after Thanksgiving

Here is a friendly tip: Do not go shopping after Thanksgiving. My wife and I ventured to Target to buy me a new Coffee-pot because I am now anti-soda. Little did I know that the Post Thanksgiving Insanity Syndrome, hereafter referred to as PTIS would infect so many people. There were shoppers who had that crazed look in their eye, the one that says I was at Wal-Mart during the siege years and if you think you are taking that last pack of Male underwear, you better get to stepping before you're wearing a brace. I was more frightened than in any fight or skirmish I have ever been involved in at any point in my life. One shopper, whom I dubbed the anit-Christ, bumped into me and kept walking and talking as if nothing happened. Her buggy was full but she had to be going five mph over the store speed limit. I became dizzy and thought instantly that this was Dante's Inferno. Luckily my wife came along and we continued to work our way through the crowd to the checkouts where the wait was just under six hours. One final note - the sensors at Target are far more sensitive than those employed at airports and staffed by more aggressive personnel. Perhaps the new Department of Homeland Security should adopt the Wal-Mart and Target Standard Operating Procedures.
To the millions, or dozen, who read this, my warmest wishes for a happy holiday. Me? Oh, we are going out for dinner and will return to decorate the exterior of our house with lights. Yay......And then tonight we will go to the Festival of Lights and ride through the displays. Pretty lame but no friends were in town....so.


We traveled around a bit until we decided to eat at Slightly North of Broad. I started with a Glenfiddtch Single Malt Scotch and A had a glass of wine. We had Shitakke Mushrooms as an appetizer then ordered our entree's. In keeping with the Thanksgiving motif, I selected the Turkey breast while A went for Scallops. A wonderful meal and our server, Shelby, was simply a marvel. And the best news of all - $100.00 and we were out the door for a nice walk back to the car. Ahhh.
È tempo per sonno.


Stray into the milky way
worlds out of sight
as far as the eye can see
not even a satellite
Now stop........turn around and look
as you stare into the darkness
your mind just took.............

So this is Thanksgiving

Finis! Just revisions to make to my article on Nepotism and they will happen after the holiday and then I sink my teeth into a topic near and dear to my heart; anything other than nepotism.
Well the Hellidays are upon us and first up is Thanksgiving. What a day. The first one since my mother died. She loved thanksgiving and often cooked enough food to feed large African nations. It was certainly her time of year. My stepbrother - The Foz- called me an hour ago and we talked about her over the phone. A remarkable woman who fought for everything in her life and apologized for nothing that she had to do to survive. My abiding respect for the virtue and strength of women is firmly rooted there. I miss her most right now but I take heart that my wife is with me.
If I hear one more Christmas song from the Beatles I will pull out my hair strand by strand. Musical Genius? Rarely should music and genius be associated except for JS Bach....or the Boss.....or the Spice Girls.
In fact, during this 6 month Christmas season I only want to hear Burl Ives, Nat King Cole, and Bing Crosby. THAT is Christmas music....not the Backstreet Boys doing Little Drummer Boy while gyrating their hips as if they are in some final orgasmic phase. Or Britney Spears dressed as Santa??? When did Santa ever look like that? His boobs are real-hers are not. Damn popular radio. Lets hear some Jude, Portishead, The Fixx, or the Boss. Not singing Christmas carols though....singing their songs.

Walmart Blues

I had to drop off some film at Walmart, known for its great photo quality, and after dropping my film into the tiny slots I took a walk. Initially I spent about 16 hours looking for a digital picture card for our very elaborate $90 digital camera. You can't just put any card into this camera....No sir. It requires the type of cards that have been discontinued or are hiding behind the newer cards never to be seen again. The trusty Customer Service Reps are always there to lend a helping hand using the latest language skills developed over in Ebonia. I speak Ebonics very well, but the lady I was talking to was obviously a different dialect because all I could make out was "Fo" and "Real". With help like that it is easy to become spoiled. I quickly moved away and found myself on the aisle where the Ladies sanitary items are kept. Ironically I was the only male there. Continuing on I found some Chocolate that has those disgusting Truffles' and picked it up for my wife who can eat them 6 at a time. For me, with my cholesterol out of whack, I chose the always healthy Hickory Farms summer sausage which has no fat that I can visibly see from 18 feet away. The cashier was warm and friendly, which gave me pause because for a second I thought I was in Target, but in fact I was in Wal-Mart because her neat uniform vest said Wal-Mart. and I don't think Target uses those vests. Poem Wal-Mart Today
I went down to Wal-Mart
To drop off some film
If I had been smart
I would have mailed it in

Thank you!


We were in Chicago for a meeting of the American Heart Association, which strangely has a fixation with the human heart. My wife and her lab compatriots were there to present posters on heart related studies and to attend talks by several PhD's and MD's.. The posters were great and the talks splendid. 10 Notes on Chicago 1. A city block is 64 statute miles long. This caused my feet to degenerate and develop blisters the size of the pre-surgery Al Roker. I perservered while taking Aleve and humming a Concerto from Stravinsky. 2. Our group was served drinks on the 95th floor of the John Hancock tower by Satan's concubine. She had all the charm and good humor of someone just released from the Gulag in northwestern Siberia. My $5.00 cup of coke was as flat as Celine Dion's chest but at that price, I drank it nonetheless and finished by eating the straw just to try and get my money's worth. One of our group was unfortunate enough to venture towards a window where some Jack Booted thugs, otherwise known as German Tourists, became somewhat rude. My first inclination was to go over to these Huns and tell them that I wanted to toss them down each flight of stairs but calmness prevailed and we left before our waitress consumed us in a ball of hatred fire. 3. Each morning, at the Westin, we found 44 newspapers at our door. This is obviously a ploy to use up all the timber in the world in the span of our 5 day stay. To make matters worse, the USA Today was one of those papers. It's colors and poorly written articles with sophomoric grammatical errors drives me to distraction. I would rather see the Des Moines Register at my door, wherever Des Moines is located. 4. The McCormack Place - An exhibition twice the size of Metro Atlanta, this was the site of the conference itself. Some 4 years ago I wrote a lecture and article on the devastating fire that occurred there in the late sixties. However, I digress. We arrived via shuttle bus - a 4 mile trip took 14.4 hours - only to find that we had to load pack mules with supplies to get to where our groups talks and posters were making an appearance. Our people did a great job with the posters. EW and AL, RM, and AD did a wonderful job of blending science with colorful presentations. The talks given by Dr.S, Dr. L, Dr. K, and Dr. Y, were excellent and I was proud to have been there. Later, on our expedition back to a shuttle bus, I stuck a dollar in the lottery machine and won $5.00 which I hope to use to combat world hunger. 5. Jilly's - Good food - great liquor. We had a blast until one lovely member of the group had to sacrifice herself before the cylinder of porcelain, otherwise know as a toilet bowl. I felt sorry for her. I ordered a New York Strip but they served Filet Mignon which disappointed me. I think it was because the meat was actually moving....... but that might have just been the booze. 6. Pizza - 16 inch thick crust with a 1/10 of an inch piece of pepperoni. You do the math. I like bread but a loaf of broad with one tiny piece of mushroom is not pizza. 7. Italian restaurant - I can't recall the name of this wonderful establishment, but Dr. S did a wonderful job in hosting a great dinner. We were served family style and the food was wonderful. 3 shots of Grappa and I was feeling no pain...or anything else. 8. Clubs Funk and Excalibur - Club Funk was inside of a sidewalk grate and we danced for about 15 minutes. Three of us had a tad to much to drink so we stumbled back the four blocks to our hotel. The trip took 6.5 hours and we covered about 660 miles sideways, backwards, and, just for fun, forward. Excalibur was another night and a much nicer club. I danced with every human being in the place showing of my Soul Train skills. Others said I looked like I had Tortured Soul Skills but what do they know??? I tipped a waitress $20.00 on a $4.00 drink because her boots were cool and I wanted my wife to buy them. Great time. 9. Navy Pier - 1000 miles long with a great Mickey D's. The end of the pier actually touched Canada. 10. O'Hell airport where we waited on our Bi-Plane to bring us home. More on this later.


I am attempting to learn HTML and several other codes but find them infuriating. It is my fault because I should be researching but I am screwing around with this. Even went Pro Blogger though my site still looks like asphalt - no color, not smooth. Oh well, life in the big city.
The middle of the afternoon and I am debating how best to use this blog. My knowledge of html is deficient but I like this format. I hope that I have the time to read up on it. My brother is suffering from a problem with the sixth cranial nerve which is somewhat unnerving, having just lost my Aunt and Mother. If something happens to him I would be solo in this world. Well, I would have my wife but I am talking about family I grew up with. For every new thing, something old must pass....a mantra I despise but accept as part of life.
I am getting over this cold, but my big macho ass is cold and I am rarely cold. I am wearing a jacket inside although the house seems relatively warm, according to my one-eyed brother. I usually never wear any type of outer garment inside our lovely home......okay...I am writing here to waste time so I don't have to get back to finish researching an article. WTF? This whole world is tough
Just getting tougher
Whole world is rough
Its getting rougher
Cover me

The Boss
Cover me
We were up early this morning, mainly due to my cold which is a terrible feeling. I just dropped A off at work and am sitting down to finish an article I have been commissioned to write on Nepotism. One word of caution to all would-be writers; its a tough job. It might not seem like it, but between arguing for your money and composing pieces on subjects that are of no interest, it can become quite tedious. Luckily there have been more good times than bad but I often long to work just a regular day job. If the CEO spot opens up at Exxon, I might apply. I love women. . My wife is my soul mate. If given the choice of who to converse with on important topics, or about life, I would choose a woman. They simply tell you what they think which is refreshing. As a macho male I know the games guys play with each other so when I want a refreshing outlook....it is time to talk to someone of the superior sex. Just a few quick thoughts.
My head cold has improved enough for me to move myself from near-death to life sustaining. Sleep was fitful through the night although its better than watching Everybody Loves Raymond Which brings me to a point I would like to make. I do not love Raymond nor do I even remotely like him. He is a Seinfeld wannabe with less talent than William Shatner only Shatner is funnier. Homeland Security I am all for this new department but it will result in another morass of governmental foul-ups. The declivity of the government to be able to accomplish its most rudimentary task - namely protecting those who live here - should be left to military planners, notwithstanding the Posse Comitatus rule. Creating another bloated agency seems counter intuitive to less government. Thats all for right now---back to writing.
This morning, while coughing and otherwise suffering from a cold so terrible that I feel like Michael Jackson's nose, one of our cats jumped up onto my lap. She looked at me as if she knew what I were thinking, so she hopped back down. Good choice as I was just about to blow nose all over her and the surrounding area, including my wife. Cats are very instinctive. .